OCR7 is a full customisable SaaS solution with highly advanced image processing capababilities


Set up your campaign in three easy steps:

Set up a new campaign with our intuitive and easy to use campaign configurator OR

Choose one from our extensive list of preconfigured
campaign templates

Select one of the landing page or chatbot options. And you’re ready to go!

Product database

OCR7 offers the most complete and easily extendable database of supermarket and retail chains which you can easily extend and built upon to create your own branded product data base.

Your marketing team can add custom product filters and export data easily through our API solutions.

Obviously, all customer and product related data is fully secured and no third party will have access to your data. 

Tur.ai OCR

With the Tur.ai OCR and image processing algorithms, the system can easily analyse thousands of receipts at the same time.

You can edit and customise your payment triggers for each campaign and monitor and manually correct judgements made by the bot.