What are the problems we solve?

Cashback Automation

Despite ongoing digitisation in Retail Marketing, cashback campaigns have remained stubbornly analogue. From creation, to distribution, validation and the actual cashback payment processing, cashback campaigns traditionally require a lot of manual handling which makes them expensive and prone to human error.

If you run cashback campaigns with affiliates or third party marketplaces, manufacturers often have to pay additional commissions or processing fees to the partners without actually owning the data.

Also, many third parties don’t check the validity of the sent receipt and simply approve all submissions which makes those campaigns fraud sensitive and open to abuse.

Cashback as a Service

OCR7 is a full customisable SaaS solution with highly advanced image processing capabilities and with proven fit for purpose.

We offer a modular system supporting the streamlined creation, monitoring, judgement and fulfilment of cashback campaigns that require the processing of purchasing receipts.

Our solution is specifically relevant for consumer goods companies that would like to stimulate product purchases, collect relevant consumer data, and understand purchasing behaviour with a help of an effective marketing tool.

Sophisticated image processing

With the help of artificial intelligence, sophisticated image processing and optical character recognition, our software can read, analyse and process receipts from the majority of retailers and supermarkets in your region.