Run Cashback Campaigns At Scale


Reduce manual handling through clever automation!

From creation, to distribution, validation and the actual cashback payment processing, cashback campaigns traditionally require a lot of manual handling.  Additionally,  cashback campaigns are fraud sensitive and prone to human error.

With OCR7, you reduce manual handling by more than 90% which eliminates any risk of handling errors and fraud.


Own the data

Running campaigns through 3rd party marketplaces and affiliates means that manufactures usually do not own any of the data.

With OCR7, you are 100% in control of all campaign related data all the while staying fully compliant with European GDPR regulations.

Reduce costs, increase ROMI

Running campaigns with affiliates or cashback marketplaces, manufacturers usually have to pay additional commissions or processing fees to their partners while many of those third parties do not even check the validity of consumers’ receipts and simply approve all submissions. Which means manufactures often pay too much for their campaigns.

With OCR7, manufacturers can eliminate handling and processing fees which makes campaigns more affordable and profitable.